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Your Artwork Upload your artwork to be included in the story.
Read a Chapter A new chapter is released every day.
Artist Portal Discuss and review artwork for the story.
Free Content Wallpapers, character sheets, & more.

You Better Watch This!

  • The Story

    Chapter 1: The Monks of Leprosia

    Her last situation of the day – rescuing a little boy from a deep well - brought the Major within easy reach of Lysander, the small beautiful planet where her good friend Emily lived. In no time at all the Major found herself in Emily’s treehouse – one of her favorite nooks in the Universe – eating hot wingnuts, drinking cold hoppers and laughing about old times when Emily was a Ranger too - before she’d met Anchor – the best mechanic in the galaxy - and he’d swept her off her feet.

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  • The Artwork


    A Wide Variety Of Artwork

    Many and any artistic styles or mediums can be used to imagine and visualize the world of Occam's Razor. Anything is possible from pen and ink, crayons to paint along with any form of digital media possible.


    A Worldwide Group of Artists

    The artists submitting artwork on this website come from all parts of the world making this a truely global artwork community.

  • The Community


    The Artist Portal - Your own Gallery

    Once you are signed up as an artist you will be able to download exclusive pre-release chapters before they become public. This will allow artists to create artwork for each newly released chapter and post to their own gallery.


    Upload, Review, Rate and Discuss

    The Artist Portal is a community group and social media hub that allows artists to rate and review each other's artwork. Upload your own artwork, show off your gallery. Suggest images that should be included in the story.

  • Free Content


    E-Books and PDFs of Occam's Razor

    Download previous and newly released chapters to read on your e-book reader or computer. Come back everyday to get the newest chapter!
    New chapters are released everyday!


    Desktops, Wall papers & Character Sheets

    Download character sheets to help you with your artwork giving you a background for each character, profiles and poses.
    Desktops and wallpapers let you immerse yourself in the Occam universe.

  • Mobile Apps


    Story Updates

    With our mobile version of the website you can read the latest daily chapter updates on your mobile device.


    Fun And Games

    Interactive and fun applications showcasing your favorite characters from the Occam Universe.

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